FeedSync 3.2 is out with Enhanced Processing and Logging System

We are pleased to announce that after hundreds of hours of coding and testing, FeedSync 3.2 is ready for you to update to. We’ve made many changes to the processing system with an added Log system, image re-ordering to streamline imports, filtering capabilities, enhancements to the update system and improvements to each of FeedSync’s supported formats.

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Safe to update to WP All Import Pro 4.5 as the Importer Add-on 1.0.11 has been released

Whew, crisis averted as we have solved the importing issue caused by a filter alteration in WP All Import Pro 4.5 which has just been released.

Ensure you update the Easy Property Listings Importer Add-on to 1.0.11 when running WP All Import Pro 4.5. Included in this release is backward compatibility with WP All Import Pro 4.4.5 and earlier so no problems if you just update the importer add-on.

Cause of Issue

The Soflyy team made some improvements to the logging system in WP All Import Pro 4.5 however they adjusted a filter and added an additional command which mucked up the order of the function.

In code terms, the previous filter function was:

apply_filters('wp_all_import_is_post_to_update', $post_to_update_id, $current_xml_node, $this->id);

Which changed to:

apply_filters('wp_all_import_is_post_to_update', $continue_import, $post_to_update_id, $current_xml_node, $this->id);

Anytime a function or filters variables order are altered it causes issues.

We’ve implemented code changes to handle this order adjustment and retained the previous depreciated function so that it will still operate with WP All Import Pro 4.4.5 or older.

We hit the panic button and dropped everything to get this solved as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we solved this issue.

Avoid updating to WP All Import Pro 4.5 as import skipping is not working

We’ve been testing the latest release of WP All Import Pro 4.5 and the new code in that version is preventing listing skipping during update.

Please refrain from updating to WP All Import 4.5 until we can resolve the issue in the Importer Add-on for Easy Property Listings new code that allows for record skipping.

We’ve contacted the team at SoFlyy, the creators of WP All Import Pro.

Easy Property Listings 3.1.16 enhancement and fix release out now

We are pleased to announce the release of Easy Property Listings 3.1.16 which includes some fixes along with enhanced CSS search styling for easier formatting of the search widgets and shortcodes.

Before we weren’t using exact widths so producing a nicely formatted search widget was challenging. This has now changed in 3.1.16 so formatting the search widgets and shortcodes will be a whole lot easier…. whew!

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FeedSync 3.0.1 is now out with some tweaks and adjustments

After a great release of FeedSync 3.0 we discovered a couple minor issues that we have now patched. During this we also had the chance to test the update feature of FeedSync and… oh crud found a minor bug that will prevent the automatic updating system from working when you upgrade from FeedSync 2.x.

Don’t worry its a quick fix and all you need to do is create a directory. We have also updated the FeedSync codex documentation to reflect this missing step.

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FeedSync 3.0 is FINALLY out!

Well… hmmm…. finally! We are very pleased to announce that we have just released FeedSync 3.0 which has been a huge upgrade over the previous version and it is finally ready for you to get your hands on for your real estate website.

New Real Estate Formats

What looks like a decent upgrade in change log size has been a massive challenge in adding additional real estate formats to the plugin so we can expand listing processing with EAC in Australia, Native Rockend REST support for Australian and New Zealand, Three new UK formats with BLM, Jupix and Expert Agent along with Matrix MLS (RETS) support in USA.

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Comparables extension released supporting agents through the Victorian Legislation Changes

We have just released a new extension called Comparables that will allow you to display the Statement of Information data on your listings or as a simple PDF download. This is especially important for websites in Victoria as there have been legislative changes that effect all listings for sale from May 1, 2017.

The new extension allows you to display the comparable listings in a widget or it will hook in under the map on your listings.

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Lots of under the hood changes made to Easy Property Listings since releasing 3.1

Over the past few months we have been pushing out mini updates to Easy Property Listings adding a lot of under the hood changes and features since releasing 3.1 on November 2016.

These improvements have been from our community of users and we can’t thank you enough for letting us know what needs adjusting to suit your real estate market. With now over 5,000 active WordPress websites using Easy Property Listings to display property and rentals around the world, the feedback has been fantastic and helps us make changes to the plugin and extensions that you are looking for.

A lot of improvements have come from working on Advanced Development projects (our per hour service) that we offer to developers and users to make Easy Property Listings work for you. Perhaps you love design, need something customised, or are strapped for time, we can help.

If you need something done, hop over to the Advanced Development to order custom work or contact us and supply details of what you need so we can help. * Special wholesale rates are available to the WordPress website developers. 

Read on to see the full change log.

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Major update to Staff Directory, Location Profiles and Testimonial Manager Extensions

We are pleased to announce that we have just released major updates to the Staff Directory, Location Profiles and Testimonial Manager extensions.

Each extension has been updated to integrate with features in Easy Property Listings 3.1 tempting system and new CSS minimising your time to implement the extensions on your website as they are all now using the core template files.

These updates will allow you to use the many popular WordPress theme templates we have pre created.

See the change log for each extension.

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Sliders Extension 2.0 Major update out now

Sliders is one of our essential extensions that truly sets Easy Property Listings apart. It is what makes it possible for so many great real estate websites to quickly and easily display listing galleries that show off the best pictures of your properties.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of version 2.0 of Sliders, an update that makes dramatic improvements throughout the entire plugin.

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Renew your extensions as your purchases fuel our bootstrapped business and plugin development

We’ve been hard at work on new features and major extension updates to the Easy Property Listings suite of plugins.

This adventure has been rewarding and taking the challenge to create the best real estate plugin for WordPress websites has been a huge learning experience.

Easy Property Listings is now used on over 5,000 websites world wide and is the highest rated real estate plugin on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

We are really proud to provide such feature rich plugins that are easy to use by developers and real estate staff.

Just visit your account to renew your licenses to get the latest updates.

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Easy Property Listings 3.1.4 shortcode enhancement released

Since the release of 3.1 we have been working on several improvements and updates and this latest version brings some requested features to you.

Shortcode Offset

We are just about to release another update to Easy Property Listings 3.1.4 adding a much requested offset feature to the listing shortcodes. Currently offset is possible using widgets however a number of users work with themes that do not provide the ability to easily add widgets where they want them.

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