Custom Templates

We will create custom templates from your supplied designs or examples and install them on your WordPress website.

Included in your purchase:

  • Theme Setup
  • Custom templates and CSS coded for the Single Listing view and, Listing Archive view.
  • Priority Support for 45 days.
  • Install the created templates into your live/development site.
  • 4 Hours of developer time.
  • Additional hours can be purchased at the reduced rate to also style:
    • Style the featured widget.
    • Style the search widget to match your current theme form fields.

Example templates:

Search Listing Archive Single Listing
Boettcher Realty Boettcher Realty
Madeleine Hicks Madeleine Hicks
Hudson Homes Realty Hudson Homes Realty
Joanna Gianniotis Joanna Gianniotis
The Blacket Agency The Blacket Agency
Ash Marton Ash Marton
Day and Hodgson Day and Hodgson
Yard Property Yard Property
We Love Rental We Love Rentals

What we require to complete your templates:

  • WordPress Login Details: We recommend you create a specific administrator user for us to use. Visit > Dashboard > Users > Add New.
  • WordPress Theme Details: Save time by providing us with your theme or where we can download it. This allows us to create your custom templates on our development server. Once approved by you we will then install them to your website.
  • Custom/Premium Themes: We will only use your supplied premium or custom theme to set-up a demo and create the templates for you. We will not distribute the theme or create websites with it. Unless we have purchased the premium theme.
  • Artwork: Provide the example artwork in JPG/PSD format or links to specific examples:
  • Copy of the Premium/Custom/Child Theme.
  • Notes on Supplying files: Upload your theme and artwork or provide a link using file sharing service like Dropbox.

Custom Template Creation Terms and Conditions

Premium/Custom Supplied Theme Limited Use

We will only use your supplied premium or custom theme to set-up a demo and create the templates. We will not distribute the theme or create a website with it. Unless we purchase the theme.


We will do our best to complete the templates before your required date. Provided you have supplied the theme and designs to us.

Providing the theme

Uploading or supplying a link to the theme allows us to create the templates and ready for review. Once approved we will upload the files to your website and complete the installation.

Custom Template Creation Process

Once we have created and you have approved the templates we will take a full backup of your theme folder, create a directory inside your theme called easypropertylistings and upload the files. We will add the custom CSS to your theme style.css file or use a custom plugin. If we have added any custom filters or hooks we will install a EPL – Custom Settings plugin that you can use for other projects.