Advanced Mapping

Create a beautiful map showcasing hundreds your listings with a powerful shortcode and over 300 listings on one map… SOLD!

Maps now have tabbed options showing satellite, transit, bike and comparable tab. Add the shortcode in your posts and pages and select your shortcode options much more easily.

Style your maps

Using the Snazzy Maps service you can now apply a unique style to your maps. Snazzy Maps has hundreds of pre-defined map styles or you can create your own. Once done just copy the code and save to the Advanced Maps settings and all your maps will have your unique style applied.

Single Listing Advanced Map Tabs

Advanced Map Examples

Advanced Map - Card View

Advanced Map – Card View

Advanced Map Settings and Add Shortcode

Add Advanced Map Gui Editor

Change the display style to display 100 listings or more at once. Each listing will require coordinates for faster loading.

[advanced_map display="simple" limit="100"]

Only show rentals using the slider option and disabled cluster.

[advanced_map post_type="rental" display="slider" cluster="false"]`
Output Options

There are several options that may be specified using this syntax:

[advanced_map option1="value1" option2="value2"]

You can also print a map directly in a template like so:


The following map options are supported:

'post_type' 		=>	array('property', 'rental', 'land'), // Post Type
'limit'				=>	'30', // Number of listings to show
'coords'			=>	'', // First listing is centred by default
'display'			=>	'card', // card, slider, simple or popup
'zoom'				=>	'17', // Set map zoom level
'height'			=>	'', // Set map height, pass integer value eg 400
'cluster'			=>	'false', //Icon grouping on Map: false and true
'property_status'	=>	'', // current, leased, sold
'home_open'			=>	false, // false or true
'location'			=>	'' // Location Slug
'search_result'			=>	false, // false or true


Specify the post type to generate map coordinates. The default is all listing types: Options:

  • property
  • rental
  • land
  • rural
  • business
  • commercial
  • commercial_land

For Example:

Generate a map with a specific post type or multiple types

[advanced_map post_type="property,rental"]