Listing Templates

Customise the look of your listings with the Listing Templates Extension. Dozens of choices and a nifty masonry effect.

Give your clients an easy way to access your listings. This Listing Templates plugin provides a hassle-free navigation and view for your clients. This simple and convenient plugin will add different templates for real estate listings on your WordPress single post or page. You can choose from a dozen different templates.

Listing Templates Demo

Archive Templates

Select from a wide variety of templates for your listings providing a unique experience.

Single Templates

Choose from a variety of single listing templates.

Once you have installed and activated the extension just visit:

Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Extensions > Listing Templates

You should now see some more options allowing you to select some more templates.

Template Browser

We’ve added a new template browser to give you a quick look at what your listings will look like, just select the template and view the preview.