Rate My Agent

Rate My Agent for Easy Property Listings makes it quick and easy to add your Rate My Agent profile to your listings on your website automatically or using a shortcode or widget. A paid RateMyAgent plan is required to access the Widgets.

The Rate My Agent profile can be automatically displayed on your listings or disabled from settings. The office profile will be used by default if the individual agent has their own profile this will be displayed on their listings.

Note: You will need a valid and active Rate My Agent subscription to use the add-on or it will be removed from display by the Rate My Agent website.

What are the Rate My Agent review widgets?

Extension Settings for Rate My Agent

Configure the account details for the office which acts as a fallback. Users also support individual account details.

Control the Reviews tab label in author box profiles.

Individual Agent Profiles

Each individual agent with an active Rate My Agent profile set will be added to their author box tab.

When viewing a listing the primary listing agent’s Rate My Agent profile will be output onto the template.


Add the Rate My Agent profile to your website using a widget. Specify a specific account, agent or leave it blank and the default account from the settings will be used.

Additional features

[epl_rate_my_agent] shortcode – Output the Rate My Agent profile using the included shortcode.

Widget – Display the Rate My Agent profile on your website using the EPL – Rate My Agent widget.

Staff Directory Extension – Integrates with the Staff Directory extension and will output onto the agents profile pages when enabled.