FeedSync 3.2 is out with Enhanced Processing and Logging System

We are pleased to announce that after hundreds of hours of coding and testing, FeedSync 3.2 is ready for you to update to. We’ve made many changes to the processing system with an added Log system, image re-ordering to streamline imports, filtering capabilities, enhancements to the update system and improvements to each of FeedSync’s supported formats.

AgentID and UniqueID nodes in REAXML

This has been a challenging update due to an error made with FeedSync in how the AgentID and UniqueID listings are associated and updated. The majority of users never encountered this issue as often FeedSync is used for only a few offices per install, however users who want to use FeedSync to handle listings from a variety of providers and a lot of different offices this is a major update for them.

Thankfully the REAXML documentation has undergone a huge improvement this year better explaining how the uniqueID and AgentID XML nodes are related.


This represents a string supplied by an XML provider, to uniquely identify a listing (against an agentID). The value must be unique for the real estate agent (different agencies may use the same uniqueID, representing different properties).

The uniqueID needs to be populated/provided upon the creation of any new listing – however cannot be changed thereafter. If the customer’s listing predates their use of your system, it will have a pre-existing uniqueID – which must be provided in all update requests for that listing.

Oh the challenges such an error has caused us to re-work how the import processing works because (different agencies may use the same uniqueID, representing different properties). Thankfully this would not effect users on their single sites but for larger portal usage a major requirement that needed solving.

Logging and Reporting

Although FeedSync is very robust and can handle a huge number of XML files for processing we decided to implement a logging feature so that you will know when and what causes a processing error.

Once Logging has been enabled you can see what FeedSync does with a particular XML file and its results allow you to see which file has caused an error.

Along with internal logging we’ve added an email notification system so that you can be emailed of any processing errors that occur. Email notifications will be sent once per 24 hour period.

Search and Filter Listings

Searching for listings in a large database is now easier than ever with the new filtering options on your listing pages allowing for a quick search of your listing database.

We’ve provided a number of filtering options so you can quickly find the listings you are looking for.

Hiding Settings and Help

In some cases you might want to hide the FeedSync Settings or Help pages, you can now do this by adding the following lines to the config.php file preventing users from accessing settings.

/** Uncomment to disable and hide the settings page **/
/** Uncomment to disable and hide the help page **/
//define('FEEDSYNC_HELP_DISABLED' , true );

Output listings by Agent User Name

This requested feature allows you to output listings only belonging to a specific agent. Great if you want to use a single FeedSync for a main office and create several other sites for specific real estate agents.

All you need to do is append the following command to your output URL:


Now you use FeedSync to only export only joe-smiths listings for import into his site.

In Summary

Many more changes have been implemented in FeedSync for better processing of its supported formats. This update has taken us a lot longer than expected and we have been testing everything to ensure this release is as robust as possible.

Change Log

  • New: Ability to hide the settings page by defining FEEDSYNC_SETTINGS_DISABLED to true in the config.php file.
  • New: Ability to hide the help pages by defining FEEDSYNC_HELP_DISABLED to true in the config.php file.
  • New: Ability to delete agents now when FEEDSYNC_RESET is enabled.
  • New: EAC Format – Support for the PHOTO_DATE node to track image modified time mapped to feedsyncImageModtime node.
  • New: All Formats – Normalise Sold date format during processing.
  • New: REAXML Format – Support for the unit and lot numbers when viewing your listings.
  • New: REAXML Format – Better support for multi office processing of agentID when listings have the same uniqueID.
  • New: Logging system to track listing processing steps along with processing type.
  • New: Logging tab to display processing results and download detailed log reports. Files saved to logs directory.
  • New: Automatically set file permissions during processing.
  • New: Logging Error handling system implemented allowing notification by email of FeedSync processing errors.
  • New: Upgrade enhanced to automatically update existing database during update process.
  • New: Jupix Format – Setting to set the status of undetermined listings.
  • New: Jupix Format – Better support for Jupix format status.
  • New: Expert Agent Format – Better support for Expert Agent listing types.
  • New: Filter and search listings.
  • New: During update FeedSync will upgrade your database to the new version.
  • New: Base64 Image converter implemented to convert base64encoded images to image files and add to the listing.
  • New: Ability to filter listings by listing agent username. Append &listing_agent=first-last to filter listings.
  • Tweak: Better support for Microsoft Azure folders.
  • Tweak: All Formats – When using ?date=today listings will output based on your specified timezone in settings.
  • Tweak: Logger for debugging made available globally for internal usage.
  • Tweak: All Formats: Renamed the feedsync_image_modtime node to feedsyncImageModtime for consistency.
  • Tweak: REAXML Format: During processing the latest image modified time is now used and mapped to feedsyncImageModtime.
  • Tweak: Display a notice if your username or password is incorrect on the login page.
  • Tweak: Jupix Format – Alter status to FeedSync format during processing.
  • Tweak: Enhancements made to the Help page depending on the selected format.

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