Real Estate portal starting in Australia, register your listings today for a special offer

There is a new real estate portal that is getting started called My Local Real Estate and we have secured a special offer for you and your listings.

Just register your real estate business and let them know the CRM system you are using to get started. Once you do, you can list all your listings for free for 12 months.

If you just read about the importance of using business directories for backlink your SEO efforts then having your listings and business listed on a real estate portal will be a supercharged and automated backlink strategy.

This new portal is backed by My Local Pages which is a large business directory which gets about 3 million views per month and they are looking at expanding the business directory with a full real estate portal.

You also have an opportunity to get a priority position across both My Local Real Estate & My Local Pages.

This is a great opportunity to feature real estate video’s, banners, information about your real estate business, inclusion in their newsletters and they have several advertising packages that can extend your marketing reach.

My Local Pages also have a postcode platform for every Australian Postcode with articles and information that you can use as a source of information in your blog posts and even get your business listed.

So register today to list your listings for free for 12 months on My Local Real Estate.

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