FeedSync 3.0.1 is now out with some tweaks and adjustments

After a great release of FeedSync 3.0 we discovered a couple minor issues that we have now patched. During this we also had the chance to test the update feature of FeedSync and… oh crud found a minor bug that will prevent the automatic updating system from working when you upgrade from FeedSync 2.x.

Don’t worry its a quick fix and all you need to do is create a directory. We have also updated the FeedSync codex documentation to reflect this missing step.

Open up your feedsync directory via FTP or your hosting file manager and create a new folder called upgrades eg: feedsync/upgrades

Note: This folder is present in the official 3.0 version of FeedSync if you install fresh. Now that this folder is present you will be able to update to future versions of FeedSync with the press of a button.

Once that folder is created enter your licence key under Settings and activate your licence from the Help page.

Activate Your FeedSync License

From the help page press the Activate Your License and FeedSync will let you know your license activation status. If your key has expired, just hop over to the FeedSync page and purchase a new one.

Activated License

This will display your license status and expiry date of your FeedSync license. If your license has expired, you can purchase FeedSync here.

Update FeedSync

Press the Updates button and you will see an new Update button which will download and install the new version automatically for you

Rocking the new version

Once you refresh FeedSync you will be running the new 3.0.1 version. This is so much easier that having to FTP the core directory, so we are really excited to bring this new version out to you.

Full Change Log

  • Tweak: Deleting listings on sub categories and pages corrected with FEEDSYNC_RESET is enabled.
  • Tweak: Pagination setting for Imported listings table now uses pagination setting.
  • Tweak: Altered the ‘true’ settings to true without quotes in the config-sample.php file.
  • Tweak: Corrected encoding of andbull; during processing to •
  • Tweak: Adjustments to wording of status messages.
  • Tweak: Shortened listing table label Unique Id to ID.
  • Tweak: Adjustment to Jupix format processing status.
  • Fix: Implemented a check for the PHP iconv function to prevent error during install, most servers should have this PHP function enabled.
  • Fix: Adjusted so that the cron trigger will process more than one file at a time.

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