Easy Property Listings 3.1.16 enhancement and fix release out now

We are pleased to announce the release of Easy Property Listings 3.1.16 which includes some fixes along with enhanced CSS search styling for easier formatting of the search widgets and shortcodes.

Before we weren’t using exact widths so producing a nicely formatted search widget was challenging. This has now changed in 3.1.16 so formatting the search widgets and shortcodes will be a whole lot easier…. whew!

Note: This might effect your existing real estate search styling so be sure to check after updating to 3.1.16. If you are using legacy styles, no changes have been made to that stylesheet.

Before the styling was not very even

Now nice and even with the search containers

Major milestone

After releasing Easy Property Listings to the real estate and WordPress developer communities in July 2014. There are now over 6,000 WordPress websites that rely on Easy Property Listings to find buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords and display listings around the world.

We are really happy with the growth and community feedback, so thank you!

Seeing what developers do with Easy Property Listing is awesome

Every day we get to see what clever developers do with Easy Property Listings for real estate agents and this is exactly what we hoped for. Here are some recent examples of websites that are clever, beautiful and help real estate agents get online quick and easy. More examples can be found here in the showcase.

If you have created a real estate site, submit it to the showcase, we love seeing what you create.

Reviews that make us proud

Providing outstanding software support is what we strive to do for our customers and hearing that they love our service by adding a review to WordPress.org makes all of us here at Easy Property Listings really proud.

Some recently added reviews:

Amazing Support! Highly recommend

Been not to technical i found this plugin very easy to get to grips with and really enjoyed using it. I did run into a few customisation problems but on contacting their support i was completely blown away by the service I received. Merv and the team really went above and beyond in helping and I really couldn’t recommend this plugin enough!

Thanks again

Does Everything I Need. Epic Support.

Great plugin! Covers all the bases for building a Real Estate site.

However the support is even better. Answered questions fast. Updated the FAQ fast!



Great Support

Merv responds within 24 hours to all questions and has helped me develop changes to suite my website needs. Would recommend this plugin 100%

We love the feedback, reviews and support questions so please let us know by leaving a review.

Full Change Log

  • New: Rebuilt search CSS containers for easier formatting with exact widths.
  • New: Filter epl_property_category_value for altering house category.
  • New: Add Listing Status and Under Offer to post class.
  • New: Added Commercial Type to post class.
  • Tweak: Ability to display multiple categories on listings.
  • Fix: Corrected returning of none and added value to get_property_category, get_property_land_category, get_property_commercial_category and get_property_rural_category functions.
  • Fix: Rental sorting error in listing shortcodes.
  • Fix: Author widget on pages with sorting.


    • Interesting as we aren’t seeing any errors with the contact system. Could be due to another theme or plugin causing some error but would need more details to help. Can you post a support question with yor site details.

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