Easy Property Listings 3.1.4 shortcode enhancement released

Since the release of 3.1 we have been working on several improvements and updates and this latest version brings some requested features to you.

Shortcode Offset

We are just about to release another update to Easy Property Listings 3.1.4 adding a much requested offset feature to the listing shortcodes. Currently offset is possible using widgets however a number of users work with themes that do not provide the ability to easily add widgets where they want them.

Using the offset option will allow you to place multiple shortcodes on your pages that can act like widgets where you would stagger the offset for each shortcode.

For example
[listing limit=1 offset=0]
[listing limit=1 offset=1] // Skip one
[listing limit=1 offset=2] // Skip two

Available with the following shortcodes

This should make it really easy for you to place several listings on a page like found with many composer plugins and themes. Go shortcode crazy!

Shortcode pagination

We have updated the shortcode documentation to reflect the new pagination option allowing you to disable pagination on your listing shortcodes. There is a tools_bottom option which was intended for the pagination but as it occurs in the loop it wasn’t possible.

Pagination is on by default

To disable pagination use [listing pagination=off]

View the updated shortcode documentation in the codex.

Extension License updater and notifications

Along with this update we have implemented a much faster license updater system that will notify you of expired licenses so you can keep your sites updated with the latest features and security updates included in your extension purchases.

Full Change Log

  • New: Added offset option to the following shortcodes that allows you to place multiple shortcodes on a single page and prevent displaying duplicate listings. Added to the following shortcodes: [listing] , [listing_category], [listing_feature], [listing_location]
  • Tweak: Optimisations to secondary author display by removing duplicate code.
  • Tweak: Improvements to extension license updater and notifications on license status.
  • Tweak: Performance improvements to admin functions.
  • Tweak: Translations adjustment to load textdomain after all plugins initialised.

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