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We’ve been hard at work on new features and major extension updates to the Easy Property Listings suite of plugins.

This adventure has been rewarding and taking the challenge to create the best real estate plugin for WordPress websites has been a huge learning experience.

Easy Property Listings is now used on over 5,000 websites world wide and is the highest rated real estate plugin on the plugin directory.

We are really proud to provide such feature rich plugins that are easy to use by developers and real estate staff.

Just visit your account to renew your licenses to get the latest updates.

New Extensions and major updates

There are a number of updates and new extensions in the pipeline and we need some help from our community of supporters.

The best way to help us is to renew your licenses as this provides the financial fuel we need to deliver the best WordPress software for you.

Help us help you make better real estate websites faster with a wide range of features you love.

Listing Templates

Just last week we released a major update to the listing templates extension with more templates, vastly improved extension speed and a major update to the masonry effect.


Update pending with new inspection calendar with print option, making it really easy to create an ordered inspection list.

See it in action here.

Advanced Maps

Due to how Google now require an API Key, the Advanced Mapping update is a critical update to ensure your listings maps display correctly. Also Google have now disabled map scrolling on mobile devices by default, giving your mobile users a great experience when scrolling pages.

Also in this update is a great way to style your maps using Snazzy Maps, its so easy, just select your map style, copy and paste the code and bam your maps will look beautiful and unique on your site.

Custom Icons

We are working on a really easy way to replace the default property icons with your own custom icons and others that we include in the extension.

Slider Carousel

Creating a beautiful slider for the home page or main sections of your site should be simple and easy, plus display the listing details to your visitors.

We are making some final adjustments to the new Carousel Slider to do just this.

Many more in the pipeline

To get early beta access purchase the Core Bundle as your crowd funded purchases makes sure we get them out faster.

We use a great WordPress plugin called Easy Digital Downloads and they have just released a great update to the software licensing plugin we use that will allow us to push beta versions of extensions to you!

Help us by renewing your licenses

Each time you purchase an extension or renew your existing purchases this keeps the team here at Easy Property Listings committed to continue working on the core plugin and creating updates to plugins that you are using.

We need your help and support through renewing your purchases, making donations, subscribing to support.

All we do is work on these great products that allow you to deliver fantastic websites for your customers.

Just visit your account to renew your licenses to get the latest updates.

If you ever need any support with Easy Property Listings on your website, we are here to help!

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