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FeedSync 3.5 Is out with status management tools and incremental importing and more

After many months and a whole lot of internal builds and testing on a huge number of installations FeedSync 3.5 is finally ready for you to get your hands on.

This is a huge release with a lot of listing management features, new XML2U format support, lots of internal improvements to make file processing faster and optimised for large data processing requirements.

We had 2GB of XML files processed fast and efficiently. So this will work from small to very large scale projects.

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Find out how Easy Property Listings removed a major security plugin issue in version 3.4

What a stressful time we’ve just been through which blindsided us and upended our plans, and new extension schedule and major extension updates.

Threw that right out the window.

On Wednesday July 22nd 2019 Easy Property Listings was delisted from the plugin directory.

WHAT! the??? was exactly was going through my head at this time… Next I visited the plugin on and yep, low and behold the statement.

“Your plugin is no longer available for download.”

A cold chill ran down the back of my neck when reading these words.

What did we do?

Thinking, we have no code that is nefarious or below board as you read about apps and social media platforms not caring about user privacy, that is not us… What did we do?

Thankfully have a system in place and after checking my email was a very clear and specific email about exactly what was wrong with Easy Property Listings and more importantly what to do about it to get back into the plugin directory.

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Safe to update to WP All Import Pro 4.5 as the Importer Add-on 1.0.11 has been released

Whew, crisis averted as we have solved the importing issue caused by a filter alteration in WP All Import Pro 4.5 which has just been released.

Ensure you update the Easy Property Listings Importer Add-on to 1.0.11 when running WP All Import Pro 4.5. Included in this release is backward compatibility with WP All Import Pro 4.4.5 and earlier so no problems if you just update the importer add-on.

Cause of Issue

The Soflyy team made some improvements to the logging system in WP All Import Pro 4.5 however they adjusted a filter and added an additional command which mucked up the order of the function.

In code terms, the previous filter function was:

apply_filters('wp_all_import_is_post_to_update', $post_to_update_id, $current_xml_node, $this->id);

Which changed to:

apply_filters('wp_all_import_is_post_to_update', $continue_import, $post_to_update_id, $current_xml_node, $this->id);

Anytime a function or filters variables order are altered it causes issues.

We’ve implemented code changes to handle this order adjustment and retained the previous depreciated function so that it will still operate with WP All Import Pro 4.4.5 or older.

We hit the panic button and dropped everything to get this solved as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience while we solved this issue.

Avoid updating to WP All Import Pro 4.5 as import skipping is not working

We’ve been testing the latest release of WP All Import Pro 4.5 and the new code in that version is preventing listing skipping during update.

Please refrain from updating to WP All Import 4.5 until we can resolve the issue in the Importer Add-on for Easy Property Listings new code that allows for record skipping.

We’ve contacted the team at SoFlyy, the creators of WP All Import Pro.

Renew your extensions as your purchases fuel our bootstrapped business and plugin development

We’ve been hard at work on new features and major extension updates to the Easy Property Listings suite of plugins.

This adventure has been rewarding and taking the challenge to create the best real estate plugin for WordPress websites has been a huge learning experience.

Easy Property Listings is now used on over 5,000 websites world wide and is the highest rated real estate plugin on the plugin directory.

We are really proud to provide such feature rich plugins that are easy to use by developers and real estate staff.

Just visit your account to renew your licenses to get the latest updates.

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Which WordPress theme is best for Easy Property Listings?

The simple answer is any theme that suits your website goals.

However we recommend selecting a theme that does not have real estate specific functionality as the Easy Property Listings plugin for WordPress will take care of that and can sometimes conflict.

All themes can work with Easy Property Listings and work better once the theme setup is completed.

The more complicated answer depends on your end goals, your experience and how serious you are for success with your real estate website online.

For me its like purchasing a branded computer back in the old days where they pre-load it with bloat ware and software that you never use and you end up spending hours uninstalling programs that slow down your computer.

Well the same goes for WordPress themes.

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Release of WP All Import Pro Add-On for Easy Property Listings

Today we are pleased to announce release of our WP All Import Pro add-on for Easy Property Listings. WP All Import Pro is a fantastic plugin that allows importing XML and CSV files into your WordPress website.

This add-on for WP All Import Pro has all the Easy Property Listings custom fields pre-configured.

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Changes to our support system

While away we have been testing a new system to make support even better for you, because we really can’t resist checking email and our support desk while on break.

The current public support forum powered bbpress, an excellent forums plugin for WordPress by has been great for the last 16 months but we have been having difficulty keeping up and getting back to your support requests. On October 9th, 2015, we are making some changes to our system to help us provide you better support.

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Sliders 1.1 Released

We have made a number of improvements to the Sliders extension which now allow you to adjust the order of your images when editing a listing.

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Market Research Extension Updated to 2.0.3

Logged in view

Logged in view

We’ve just released an update to the Market Research extension which dynamically displays sold information on your listings in the same location as the current listing.

This is a great lead generation tool as as visitor will only get limited sales information unless they register with your website by providing you an email. Great for building up your email list.

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How you can help with the new support desk changes

What we need from you so we can keep growing and offering the best support we can, is for you to purchase priority support for advanced questions, coding assistance, css issues, premium theme setup especially if you are in a hurry.

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Understand the important changes to basic support requests

We are at crossroads where we need to reduce, decide what is a basic question or disable basic support. I really don’t want to do that because we really like to help you configuring Easy Property Listings on WordPress.

We are a small team of people who want to make a difference in the world for real estate websites and help you get online quickly and easily with the best tools no matter which theme you use. Every single day we work on improving the plugins and helping with your questions.

Your questions help the plugin grow.

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