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Thanks for your support

Thanks you for installing, registering and giving feedback on Easy Property Listings.

Expect to hear from us regularly on the blog from now on with tutorials, tips and updates. Become a subscriber and you will be the first to hear about new extensions, cool tools and special offers.

2.0 is out!

Since the last release we received hundreds of questions, feature requests and community support.

I am humbled by the encouragement in the face of uncertainty.

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Our best release yet. Update to Easy Property Listings 2.0

Complete re-write of core code

Its taken us a bit longer than expected to release this latest version of Easy Property Listings as we had to re-write several files that handled the hundreds of meta variables… a major clean up has taken place which will allow for faster incremental updates.

Read the full change log.

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How to build a real estate website or property portal with Easy Property Listings for WordPress

In this video i’m going to walk you through the steps of creating a real estate website or property portal using Easy Property Listings for WordPress.

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FeedSync 1.1.3 Released and now supports Zip Format REAXML files

We’ve just updated FeedSync to version 1.1.3 support REAXML files that are inside zip file(s) that also contain the property images. This is a major version release that adds support for zip format REAXML files as supplied by some providers like Rockend Rest and Console.

What it now does to support the zip REAXML format is:

  • Unzips the zip file(s) and moves the images into the processed/images folder.
  • While processing the REAXML xml files it rewrites the image location with a valid URL so they hey can be imported.
  • Moves the processed zip filed into processed/zips.
  • Lists zip files waiting to be processed.


Easy Property Listings Version 1.1.1 Released

Today we are thrilled to announce our very first update to Easy Property Listings and that it is now available for download and install from your WordPress admin.

We are really happy that we only had to fix two minor issues to the plugin which is great as we were really pedantic to make sure the initial version was rock solid.

This version is the begining of our internationalisation upgrades to allow the plugin to be used in any language and real estate market around the world.

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Download the free Easy Property Listings plugin from now!

Just Released!: Easy Property Listings free plugin is now available for download from the Plugin directory. Configure your WordPress real estate listings with any theme in minutes with this dynamic plugin.

Visit plugin directory to download the real estate plugin Easy Property Listings.

Welcome to Easy Property Listings Plugin for WordPress

After several months in the making it is finally ready for you to download and test out on your WordPress website.

Thanks for the ecommerce push Chris and giving me a deadline to aim for. We made it!