FeedSync will merge your many xml files and add coordinates to any property element inside your REAXML xml files. Once they have been processed by FeedSync the output folder will contain 3 files that you can import into your application.

The speedy processor saves “current” properties into a feedsync-current.xml file that you can import more frequently as it is smaller and more up to date. The “sold” and “leased” listing are saved into feedsync-soldLeased.xml that will contain the bulk of the data and can be imported less frequently to minimise server usage. Finally the “withdrawn” and “offmarket” properties are saved into a third output file feedsync-withdrawn.xml and these can be omitted, keeping your website cleaner and more optimised.

WP All Import Users: Included with FeedSync are scripts that you can download and import into WP All Import saving you time to setup a WordPress website. We already mapped out the 33 elements for each type so you don’t need spend hours setting that up.

Guides on How to Process and Import Real Estate REAXML files into WordPress

New: Support added for REAXML supplied in zip format with images

Will work with the Following Real Estate REAXML Portal providers

  • AgentBox
  • Agentplus
  • Agentpoint (Zoo Property)
  • Aro Software
  • Box+Dice
  • Boss Solutions
  • Brightfox
  • Century 21
  • Complete Data
  • Console
  • Core Web Systems
  • EAC (Red Square)
  • Graphique (GPS)
  • Inhabit
  • iProperty
  • iWon Data
  • ListOnce
  • LJ Hooker
  • Mantis Property
  • MultiArray
  • Multilink
  • MyDesktop
  • Ondicom Technology (Agentware)
  • OSL
  • Other – Manual Upload
  • PortPlus *Currently requires a $1,000+ setup fee and $300 per month
  • RealEstateIT (AgentBase)
  • Realoz
  • Reapit
  • Renet
  • Revo
  • Rex Software
  • Rockend
  • Sherlock
  • Subtle Difference
  • Virtual Creations
  • XML2U
  • Other
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