Market Research Extension Updated to 2.0.3

Logged in view

Logged in view

We’ve just released an update to the Market Research extension which dynamically displays sold information on your listings in the same location as the current listing.

This is a great lead generation tool as as visitor will only get limited sales information unless they register with your website by providing you an email. Great for building up your email list.

Once they have an account and view a listing they will get full access to sales information and be able to see how the market is doing all from your website.

Market Research Demo

This extension also integrates with the Location Profiles extension so you can create location specific pages to show off a lot of great information on your Suburbs, Citys, Towns. Here is a demo of a location profile with the market research data integration.

Full Change Log

  • Tweak: Hovering over the bar or the list of sales now highlights corresponding bar/row.
  • Tweak: Clicking a bar will scroll and open the corresponding row.
  • Tweak: Horizontal graph lines now appear behind the bar allowing for CSS color styling.
  • Fix: Currency support correctly handled in vertical price range ticks.|
  • Tweak: Added Under offer variable for data importing.
  • Tweak: Improved jQuery for graph generation.
  • Tweak: Using a filter to output listing details to template.
  • New: Filter for date processing during import.
  • New: Filter for removing phone numbers from agency details during import.
  • Fix: Missing closing span when not logged in effecting some browsers.
  • New: Included WP All Import Script in plugin for REIWA export data.

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