Easy Property Listings 2.2 has been a challenge to complete but nearing release

For the last month since releasing 2.1.11 we have been hard at work on the next release 2.2 which has significant improvements for theme compatibility which has been a major task to complete. This will enable all themes to work with Easy Property Listings in a much easier way.

We have found that over the past year many users need help with setting up their theme to work with Easy Property Listings and although a simple edit allows the correct display, we have found that diving into code for the first time for many WordPress users can be a bit scary.

Looking back, I remember making a decision that caused this issue and have been kicking myself ever since our first release.

Well you live an learn 🙂

What’s new in 2.2

  • Theme support to enable 100% of WordPress themes to work perfectly… well almost.
  • Additional templates have been added to improve the display when using the theme compatibility mode. We call it “Feeling lucky” as each WordPress theme provides a unique look and it works really well.
  • Rebuilt the admin listing pages for future enhancements.
  • Re tooled the dashboard widget so extensions can display what you have, like staff, testimonials and location profiles.
  • Completely stripped and re-built the search widget and added additional search fields for city, state, post code/zip,  and the ability to add additional search fields using the new filters. Basically you can add anything to the search widget now and this is a most requested feature.
  • Implemented display of sold prices to visitors, we’ve had the settings but no display function.
  • A pile of new hooks and filters have been added throughout the core code.
  • Ability to add city as well as suburb which allows other regions to better display the property address where they live. This also allows you to append the country to your address if you choose.
  • Filters to adjust the registered image sizes.
  • A custom template system which allows you to build any custom template you want and call them in all the various shortcodes from your theme.
  • The sorting now allows sorting by current sold/leased.
  • Actions that enable the adding of additional user details.
  • Improvements to the Commercial and Business listing types for further REAXML support.
  • Custom widget templates are now possible.
  • A number of other fixes and tweaks, once we have completed our battery of tests we will release a short beta for you to help us test.

Along with this new release are significant improvements to several extensions like the Staff Directory and Location Profiles with more options and changes.

We have also been working on a number of new extensions such as a slider, stamp duty calculator, CRM (contact management), Office manager, and a few more that we will provide more details about once we release 2.2.


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