Understand the important changes to basic support requests

We are at crossroads where we need to reduce, decide what is a basic question or disable basic support. I really don’t want to do that because we really like to help you configuring Easy Property Listings on WordPress.

We are a small team of people who want to make a difference in the world for real estate websites and help you get online quickly and easily with the best tools no matter which theme you use. Every single day we work on improving the plugins and helping with your questions.

Your questions help the plugin grow.

We’ve addressed thousands of requests since release and enjoy helping and solving your issues, theme tweaks, and your general WordPress questions. Easy Property Listings is extremely complex in code but thats what makes it really easy for you to use on your real estate website project and love helping you with support questions and feature requests when you have them.

For us to grow the software and give you even better tools moving forward we need to reduce our commitment to free support.

What we need from you so we can keep growing and offering the best support we can, is for you to purchase priority support for questions, coding assistance and theme setup help especially if you need a quick response.

Priority support tickets will be checked frequently.

Click here for 45 Days Access to Priority Support $97Get access to 45 days of in-depth setup assistance, trouble shooting, and access to Priority Support.
* Best for experienced WordPress developers who understand CSS, advanced WordPress and some php and need fast response.

Get yearly Access to Priority Support $297, click hereGet yearly access to Priority Support and always be at the front of the queue. We will provide advanced technical support and even log in to your site to solve your problems. As a paid member, your responses will be answered as rapidly as possible.
* Best for users who just want a solution solved as easily as possible where we can even log in via FTP and the dashboard.

Note: All other support tickets will only be checked on Mondays from oldest to newest. If we are unable to get to your ticket on Monday for any reason or you are directed to this topic, purchase priority support here

Thanks for your understanding in this change to our support service. This change will allow us to offer a better service to you and grow the plugin for your real estate website(s).

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