Notable changes in Easy Property Listings 2.1 just released

After 2 very busy months, many late nights and building several real estate websites with Easy Property Listings 2.1 is ready for you to create even better websites with WordPress.

2.1 has been a huge undertaking with a small team to accomplish and we have had many challenges to overcome. Next we will be releasing updates to all extensions which all have had major upgrades and improvements. Enter your active license key for your extensions to download the updates.

Update the plugin to 2.0+ before updating your extensions.

Let us know if you find any issues with 2.1 in the support forum, we’ve done our best to thoroughly test this release to make sure there are no issues.

You can help us make the project better by purchasing the developer pack which now has all extensions included, leaving a review on or signing up for priority support.

Read on to see what is new in 2.1. A major change is the ability to add new post types which is great for non property websites.

Map Coordinates

Map now uses coordinates and if they are not set, it will locate the listing and save the coordinates for faster display and map loading.

Fancy Pagination

You can now enable page numbers from settings for pagination which apply to templates and shortcodes.

Meta Fields

  • Rooms outputs in the feature list.
  • Date Listed saved for future enhancements.
  • Year Built will display in the feature list.
  • Bigger images in admin
  • Select from 100 x 100 or 300 x 200 image size in admin.


Use the [listing_location] shortcode to filter listings by location.

Shortcode sorter

Now you can add the sorter to your shortcodes with thetools_top=”on” option.

Shortcode filter by location

  • Shortcodes now support filtering by location usinglocation=”_location_slug”
  • Filtering by agent
  • Search and sort listings by more values to keep better track of your listing stock.

Table template

Output a slim table list of listings by using template=”table”

Custom labels

Need to change Under Offer or Leased? Customise the labels from the settings page.

Commercial Lease Rate

Decimal value and lease period for options like NNN, P.A., Full Service, Gross Lease Rates.

Loading speed improvements

Changes to only load scripts and CSS when they are needed. Many other optimisations to the code to reduce load times. Dashboard widget loads much faster.

More listing types

Need to have Boats, cars horse listings? We have made a number of changes to allow the addition of new listing types to be added. So you can have listings of anything.

Full Change Log

  • New: Fancy pagination option which can be enabled in settings.
  • New: Coordinates now added to listing if not set prior.
  • New: Ability to select larger listing image sizes in admin.
  • New: Added date picker for available date on rental listing.
  • New: Added date picker for sold date.
  • New: New function that combines all meta box options into one global function for admin pages.
  • New: Display second agent name in admin listing lists.
  • New: Additional admin option to filter by agent/author.
  • New: Shortcode [listing_location] to display listings by specific location.
  • New: The following shortcodes can now be filtered by location taxonomy: [listing location=”perth”], [listing_open location=”sydney”], [listing_category location=”melbourne”], [listing_category location=”brisbane”], [listing_feature feature=”terrace” location=”new-york”]
  • New: The following shortcodes can now be sorted by price, date and ordered by ASC and DESC [listing sortby=”price” sort_order=”ASC”].
  • New: Sorter added to shortcodes which can be enabled by adding tools_top=”on” to your shortcode options.
  • New: Template added in table format for use in shortcodes template=”table”.
  • New: Function to get all active post types.
  • New: Ability to register additional custom post types.
  • New: Extensions now have additional help text ability.
  • New: All menus now use global function to render fields.
  • New: Improved template output and added additional CSS wrappers for some theme and HTML5 themes.
  • New: Commercial rental lease duration now selectable.
  • New: Rooms field added to set the number of rooms that the listing has.
  • New: Date listed field added to all listing types.
  • New: Year built field added to property, rental, rural listing types.
  • New: Media upload function for use in extensions.
  • New: Ability to customise Under Offer and Leased labels in settings.
  • New: Lease type label loaded from dropdown select. So you can have NNN, P.A., Full Service, Gross Lease Rates, on commercial listing types. Also has a filter to enable customisation of the options.
  • New: Disable links in the feature list.
  • Fix: Text domain fixes on template files.
  • Fix: Finnish translation file renamed.
  • Fix: FeedSync date processor strptime function corrected.
  • Fix: Bug in parking search field. Was only searching carports and not garages. Now searches both.
  • Fix: New label now appears on listings not just with an inspection time saved.
  • Tweak: Optimised loading of admin scripts and styles to pages where required.
  • Tweak: Added version to CSS and JS so new versions are automatically used when plugin is updated.
  • Tweak: Tidy up of admin CSS.
  • Tweak: Video in author box now responsive.
  • Tweak: Increased characters possible in address block fields from 40 to 80 characters and heading block to 200.
  • Tweak: Coordinates now correctly being used to generate map.
  • Tweak: Inspection times improved style in admin.
  • Tweak: Commercial rental rate now accepts decimal numbers.
  • Tweak: Improved google map output.
  • Tweak: Improved default settings on upgrade, install and multisite.
  • Tweak: Scripts improve site speed.
  • Tweak: Dashboard widget improved query.
  • Tweak: Front end CSS tweaks for better responsiveness.

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