Listing Templates updated to 2.2

This is a major release of listing templates packed with new templates and improved masonry effects along with many other requested upgrades. With this extension you can create websites with a huge number of variations with a few clicks.

Included in this update is full compatibility with Easy Property Listings 3.1 supporting the new grid format providing better layouts and more flexibility for your real estate listings.

This extension will adapt to your WordPress theme. We’ve also added the ability to easily disable the grid list view option for users who want to provide a consistent experience to their visitors.

We’ve removed redundant code to improve the overall speed of the extension so your site remains fast for your users.

New Template Browser

We’ve added a new template browser to give you a quick look at what your listings will look like, just select the template and view the preview.

Archive Templates

Select from a wide variety of templates for your listings providing a unique experience.

Single Templates

Choose from a variety of single listing templates.


Full Change Log

  • New: Major release with compatibility with Easy Property Listings 3.1
  • * New: Ability to disable the grid list view great for card style templates.
  • * New: Template previews for single and archive templates so you know what your listings will look like.
  • * New: Rebuilt template selection system to allow faster creation of additional templates by the EPL team.
  • * New: Split the single and archive css files to allow for easier navigation of CSS.
  • * New: Reorganised CSS files and grouped classes by templates.
  • * New: Enabled masonry usage with shortcodes.
  • * New: Automatically disable masonry under 500px browser width for mobile devices.
  • * New: Added customisable read more button label present on some templates.
  • New: Loop Template: Big Images.
  • New: Loop Template: Nifty.
  • New: Loop Template: Card Alternate.
  • New: Loop Template: Feature.
  • New: Loop Template: Flexbox Icons.
  • New: Loop Template: Card JP.
  • New: Loop Template: Circle Author.
  • New: Single Template: Split.
  • New: Single Template: Circle Author.
  • New: Single Template: Text Two Columns.
  • Tweak: Performance improvements with masonry grid.
  • Tweak: Improved all CSS classes for each template providing better integration with different WordPress themes.
  • Tweak: Added additional container classes to 2 column templates.
  • Tweak: Added container classes to loop templates for new grid format in EPL 3.1
  • Tweak: Textdomain adjustments for translations.
  • Fix: Removed and optimised several functions and scripts.


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