Location Profiles

Amplify your listings and local marketing with this Location Profiles plugin!

With this plugin, you can add detailed suburb, city or neighborhood profiles automatically to your listings in that location. You can also customize the location name to what you need it to be: e.g neighborhood, city, town, suburb, region or anything you want. Ensures your clients an easy and great online experience as your provide them with panoramic information about the listing they are viewing in that location, with linked information.

Location Profiles Demo

The Location Profile extensions include customizable tabs so you can add information that is important to you. Inserting graphs, texts, images are all possible with the standard WordPress editor windows. Modifying the bullet list and tab titles from the extensions settings page are now easier. We’ve kept the CSS styling to a minimum so you can style the box as you see fit for your theme. Isn’t this plugin so convenient and totally a lifesaver?

Location Profile Display

Location Profile Settings