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    I have installed the easypropertieslistings plugin and I am experiencing issues with the properties page layout. Any help you can give me on this would be greatly appreciated. If you need any other files just let me know.
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    Merv Barrett

    Hi Grant,

    I’ve seen this format before. Not WordPress standard but the clue to the theme is the page.twig file.


    There should be a folder in there called /twig

    Inside the twig folder you should see the templates in a different format and php syntax.

    ### Note: I’m not sure of the extension format in the info below. EXT


    What you need to do is replicate the format for the single.twig format file.
    call it single-listing.EXT

    Inside that insert Easy Property Listings Single template function.

    < ?php if ( function_exists('epl_property_single') ) { echo epl_property_single(); } ?>

    < ?php if ( function_exists('epl_property_blog') ) { echo epl_property_blog(); } ?>

    Now your single-listing.php and archive-listing.php should look like the page.php and single.php files, except this file should look like this.

    echo View::render(‘single-listing.twig’, array(
    ‘wp_query’ => $wp_query,
    ‘posts’ => $wp_query->posts,

    Need to see how the archive/index.php is generated to give exact instructions, basically a template of the loop. It’s most likely the same.

    Can you supply your WordPress / FTP details in a private reply.

    NOTE: Check your theme documentation for how to make changes to the theme using a themes child theme. This will prevent you losing your changes on an update.

    Solution for the archive page.

    Create a page called for-sale and add use the built in shortcodes.
    [listing post_type=”property”]


    Merv Barrett

    The properta theme uses a similar format to the Relia theme with these .twig files. In the Properta theme they are located in the /templates directory in the parent theme.

    The properta theme has archive-agent.twig and archive-agency.twig, replicate one of these files for the archive-listing.twig files


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    Merv Barrett

    Happy to help Grant, let me know once you have a live demo.

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