Updating Easy Property Listings with the following features for next major release version 1.1.2

Upgrades Coming to Easy Property Listings Version 1.1.2

• Translation into Italian. Italian is not my first, second or third language, so please assist if you are Italian.
• Translations configured for all fields.
• This will allow you to translate Easy Property Listings into any language for your WordPress real estate website.
• Listing Widget: Adding options to show or hide widget elements: excerpt, street address, suburb/city, price, read more, custom “read more” label.
• Filters to allow custom field additions to all listing types.
• Filters to allow adding complete custom sections to listing types.
• Widget Search field display options to hide/show other search options. Enable or Disable: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Price, Car, Other Options (Pool, Air Conditioning).
• Add Search box through a shortcode for easy placement.

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