Easy Property Listings Version 1.2 Released

After a couple months of feedback for many happy users and over 2000 downloads with real estate websites being developed all over the world using Easy Property Listings we’ve finally…. FINALLY released our first major update to the plugin.

We’ve been working on it since the initial release 1.1 in June and are thankful for the feedback from many WordPress developers and Real Estate agents around the world who have been connecting with us daily. With this feedback, questions and request we’ve been able to add many new features to help make creating real estate & property websites.

Our primary goal is create a platform that makes building dynamic real estate quick and easy.

We are thrilled to announce that our major release of Easy Property Listings 1.2 is now available for you. You can download the update from WordPress.org or from within your WordPress Plugins page.

What’s new in version 1.2!

Version 1.2 includes numerous changes, new features and tweaks. We’ve added many new features, additional hooks, filters, short codes and improved existing features. While all changes are important, there are some specific changes we would like to highlight.

New flexible short codes

[listing_feature] This was a client request who wanted to be able to showcase properties with certain features, in this case they were off the plan listings. This allows you to add a feature to the listing features taxonomy and filter you listings easily

[listing_search] Ability to add the search box through a short code and not just through the EPL – Listing Search widget.

[listing_open] Replaces the [home_open_list] short code. However we’ve retained the previous short code for backwards compatibility but recommend you update to the new short code.

Widget Upgrade: EPL – Listing

We’ve added additional options to the EPL – Listing widget so you can customise it to suit your website project quickly and easily.

EPL Listing Widget Upgrade 1.2_1000
Widget Upgrade: EPL – Listing Search

The EPL – Listing Search widget has been updated to allow easy removal of search fields.

EPL Search Widget Upgrade 1.2_1000

Mini map on edit listing page

You’ll now see a mini map preview to confirm your listing address coordinates when you press the green coordinate button. A lot of users use the fantastic WP All Import Pro to import listing data into WordPress but for those who manually enter listings this should make finding out if the location is actually where is should be… and not in the middle of the ocean.

Edit Property Listing Map Preview

Full Translation Support for Internationalisation

We would love your help to translate Easy Property Listings into languages around the world and here is how you can help. We’ve decided to use Transifex but as this is our first translation project, need some help and you can contact us on our translation support forum.

WordPress 4.0 compatible

The latest version of Easy Property Listing 1.2 works with WordPress 4.0 perfectly.

So much more

Here are the many changes to Easy Property Listings version 1.2 summarised below:

  • New: Plug in Activation process flushes permalinks
  • New: Plug in deactivation flushes permalinks
  • New: Shortcode [listing_search]
  • New: Shortcode [listing_feature]
  • New: Shortcode [listing_open] replaces [home_open] shortcode. Retained [home_open] for backward compatibility, however adjust your site.
  • New: Listing shortcodes allow for default template display if registered by adding template=”slim” to the shortcode.
  • New: Translation support now correctly loads text domain epl
  • New: Added translation tags to all test elements for better translation support
  • New: Updated source epl.pot translation file for translations
  • New: Added very rough Italian translation
  • New: Wrapped Featured image in action to allow for easy removal and/or replacement
  • Fix: Undefined errors when debug is active
  • New: Added new CSS classes to widgets for consistent usage
  • Tweak: Admin CSS tweaks to define sections in admin
  • Fix: CSS for TwentyThirteen style CSS using .sidebar container
  • Fix: CSS for responsive shortcode
  • New: Added options to hide/ show various options to EPL – Listing widget: Property Headline, Excerpt, Suburb/Location Label, Street Address, Price, Read More Button
  • New: Added customisable “Read More” label to EPL – Listing widget
  • New: Added excerpt to EPL – Listing widget
  • New: Added options to remove search options from EPL – Listing Search widget
  • New: Added consistent CSS classes to shortcodes for responsive shortcode
  • New: Date processing function for use with WP All Import when importing REAXML files. Some imports set the current date instead of the date from the REAXML file. Usage in WP All Import Post Date is: [epl_feedsync_format_date({./@modTime})]
  • Tweak: Added additional CSS classes to admin menu pages to extensions can be better distinguished when installed and activated
  • Fix: Registering custom template actions now works correctly
  • New: Added additional CSS classes to template files
  • Fix: Changed property not found wording when using search widget and listing not found.
  • Tweak: Added defaults to widgets to prevent errors when debug is on
  • New: Added WordPress editor support in admin for use with extensions.
  • New: Added textarea support in admin for use with extensions.
  • New: Filters added for all select options on add listing pages which allows for full customisation through simple function
  • New: Added rent period, Day, Daily, Month, Monthly to rental listing types
  • New: Added property_office_id meta field
  • New: Added property_address_country meta field
  • Tweak: Allowed for decimal in bathrooms to allow for 1/2 baths eg 1.5
  • New: Added mini map to listing edit screen. Will display mini map in address block when pressing green coordinates button.
  • Fix: Updated admin columns for commercial_land listing type to match other listing type
  • Fix: Swapped bedrooms/bathroom label on hover
  • New: Added filter epl_listing_meta_boxes which allows additional meta boxes to be added through filter

Having issues after upgrading?

We have tested version 1.2 extensively and have been running it on our own sites for several weeks now, but as with all software, there are always unexpected issues in certain environments that arise after updating. If you experience any issues at all, let us know in the support forums and we will do our best to assist you.

Happy upgrading!


  1. Hi,
    Is there a shortcode to put in the home, Fetured Listings, in grid? And choose the listings that will appear?
    Thanks e congratulations for your creation!

    • Hi Marcelo, I have a cousin in Brasil with the same name.

      There is no way to enable the grid with the [listing_category] shortcode but you could add a widget area and add 3/4 widgets all offset by one.

      I use iThemes Builder for themes and forget how easily it is to do simple responsive widget areas.

      Alternativ is to use the shortcode to output 4 featured listings and use CSS to Create a grid like I did here for another developer.


      The featured property section

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