Listing Templates 2.1 Released with support for Sliders extension on list view

This extension has been a challenge to get right and have it work with many different websites.

We’ve made major improvements to the extension to support the theme compatibility mode, Sliders extension on the list view, improved it so that you can still use the other templates included in Easy Property Listings like the table and table open views and we added some more templates too.

Grab Listing Templates here or as part of the developer bundle.

Full Change Log

New: Support for Easy Property Listings theme compatibility.
New: Improved masonry options and display.
New: Support for Sliders extension on archive view.
New: Improved template loading system so templates only override default templates.
New: Loop template: Suburb Card.
New: Loop template: Bars.
Tweak: Textdomain adjustments for translations.
Tweak: Templates now only modify the default template allowing you to use the templates included in Easy Property Listings like table, table_open, slim giving you greater control.

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