FeedSync 2.2 updated and ready for download

We are pleased to announce the release of FeedSync 2.2 with improved coordinate generation, listing filtering capabilities and improved listing processing. After a battery of tests using over 29,000 REAXML from 20 different providers, FeedSync processes listing files faster than ever.

This application is a robust workhorse that just works and can truly handle any number of files thrown at it. It quickly processed 29,000 files in 76 minutes.

A massive test like this is not even close to real world usage but proves that FeedSync can be used for any size site. Use FeedSync for small sites with hundreds of listings all the way to large real estate portals accepting thousands of listings from multiple providers every hour.

Notable changes to FeedSync 2.2

Latitude and Longitude coordinate generation and re-processing

We’ve improved the location coordinate generation code in FeedSync and corrected the process for certain providers. We’ve also added a way to re-process all the coordinates to correct them in a few minutes. Set the FORCE_GEOCODE option to yes, re-process your listings and set the setting back to no when done.

New Days Back Filter allows you to import listings for the last number of specified days

Adding this function allows you to only import the latest listings into your website. Set the number of days back that you want to import into your website.

Enhanced file checking

We’ve discovered occasional file encoding errors that can happen when copying and pasting from Word. Some hidden characters can cause import issues so we implemented additional checks to allow these files to process.

Some providers have sent through empty XML files and FeedSync will handle these irregularities and keep on processing.

How to install FeedSync 2.2 the REAXML pre-processor on your server

How to update from a previous 2.0+ version

All you need to do is download your new version of FeedSync from your account and save it on your computer.  Unzip the file and replace the feedsync/core folder on your server with the core folder included in the zip file.

To take advantage of the new settings, open up the config.php file and copy over any new settings you want to use, if needed.

How to import REAXML listings from FeedSync into WordPress

Once you have processed your REAXML listing files with FeedSync you can easily import them into WordPress with the Easy Property Listings Importer Add-On for WP-All Import Pro.

We released an update to it that further improved import performance and created a new video showing you the exact steps to install and import your listings.

Pressed for time and just want it done?

If pressed for time and just need your website importing listings take advantage of our FeedSync Installation Service and before you know it your site will be filled with listings, indexed by search engines and ready to go!

All you need to do is purchase the installation service and fill in a form; we take care of the rest.

Full Change Log of FeedSync 2.2

  • New: Filter listings using days_back allows you to output listings restricted by the number of days.
  • New: Automatic skipping of empty xml files.
  • New: Correctly process XML files with incorrect encoding.
  • New: Added a FORCE_GEOCODE Constant to the config file, which will enable re-processing of all coordinates if they are incorrect.
  • New: Processing Missing Coordinates button will highlight orange when FORCE_GEOCODE is enabled.
  • New: Automatic Skipping of incorrect Rockend REST format. Use RealEstate.com.au format when configuring the Web Advertising in Rockend REST.
  • New: Improvements to licensing system to better display new available version and change log.
  • Tweak: Improvements to date filter and timezone.
  • Tweak: Correct coordinate generation of street address corrected for some REAXML formats.
  • Tweak: Improved geocode request of full address.
  • Tweak: Added additional help and adjusted links to documentation.
  • Tweak: Updated help page link to correct http://codex.easypropertylistings.com.au/ pages.
  • Tweak: Improved help page documentation.
  • Fix: Undefined variable when no files are located in the processed folder.


  1. Does feedsync work with Jupix xml?

    I’m trying to set up a feed from Jupix to wordpress (hometown CPT) and using easy property, WP all imports, easy property add-on doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Hi Merv thanks for the quick reply.

      I have tried to use this and it isn’t working at all – total nonstarter.

      I tried from the Jupix url and I’d need WP all imports pro so tried from a .txt and no luck as it would not accept the template script I downloaded.

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