Snug is a premier choice for renters to apply for rental property online.

The Snug add-on for Easy Property Listings allows website owners to allow renters to use the Snug application and booking system from your WordPress site.

Simple installation

All you need is your Snug team ID and your XML office id. Once you have them set you can display buttons for renters to apply from your site and they can also check and book inspections from their Snug account.

Multi Team Ready

If you have multiple Snug teams, not a problem you can configure up-to 20 teams.

Apply Button

Select from a range of options to display your Snug button and how the snug application window displays.

Apply Button - Snug add-on for Easy Property Listings

View Listing Button

Activate this button so renters can visit your listing on to arrange inspections which are tracked through your Snug account.


Render the button in your listing template using the [epl_snug] shortcode.