Frontend Submissions

Frontend Submissions provides a the ability to submit listings via a frontend form for review using a shortcode.

Users who register and apply to become a listing submitter; once approved are free to upload new listings from their frontend dashboard. They can also edit submitted listings from the frontend of your website.

Frontend Submissions Demo

There are two shortcodes with Frontend Submissions extension that you can add to a page.

Listing Submission Shortcode

Accordion (Default)
[epl_frontend_submission layout=”” post_type=”property”]

Tabs Vertical
[epl_frontend_submission layout=”tabs-vertical” post_type=”property”]

Tabs Horizontal
[epl_frontend_submission layout=”tabs-horizontal” post_type=”property”]

User Listings Shortcode Put this on a /my-account/ page


The user needs to be registered with WordPress to be able to submit a listing. Activate user registration from:

Dashboard > Settings > Membership

Then they can create an account from: