Market Research

With the Market Research extension for Easy Property Listings you can import property sales data and dynamically display it on your listings in a matching location.

This extension also integrates with the Location Profiles extension allowing you to create a really nice SEO focused landing pages helping your visitors learn about the area you work in.

Market Research Demo

The purpose of this extension is to generate leads by limiting a users access to sales data for free. Basically by having a user register for the site they can gain access to all the listing data that you upload. This gives you the ability to send them emails.

Become the go-to website for real estate sales info.

Dynamically Enhance Your Listings with Current Sale Info

This extension will dynamically display sales on your listings with a matching location to your current listing. Gives your users lots of info about the area that your listing is in.

When a user hasn’t created an account they will be only able to view a short number of sales. So enable membership of your WordPress website so you can collect email addresses of your prospects. Visit Dashboard > Settings and tick membership.

Included in the plugin download are the import scripts for WP All Import Pro for CSV files. This will give you a great starting point to be able to import thousands of sales from a CSV file.