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    I did the translation into Portuguese using Poedit, but it did not work.
    I called the file epl-pt_BR.po (mo is the ok) and put it in the directory
    / easy-property-listings/languages​​.
    Is there anything else I should do to work?



    Merv Barrett

    Hi Paulo

    Sorry for the delay in response. We’re using bbPress and i thought it would send email notifications once someone posts a topic, like commens work… not so. I’ve added a plugin to infomr me when topics are added.

    Are you using the beta version? This is required for translations to work, however i’m new to translations myself.

    can you zip up your translations file and attach it here so i can add to the next version due this week


    Merv Barrett

    Hi Paulo

    I think…. bit i think you need to save the .mo file eg into the languages folder. The .pot file is the instructions to the .mo file about where all the elements are in the plugin.

    Once you have dropped the .mo file into the languages folder you need to enable your WordPress translations in the wp-config.php file and change the WPLANG like this

    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘it_IT’);

    but for Brazilian it is i guess

    define(‘WPLANG’, ‘pt_BR’);

    Really sorry for the lack of response to you, (not cool on my part, but learing to use bbPress as a forum is almost like another course) 🙂

    PS i’m 1/2 Brazilian on my Mum’s side from Governador Valadares 🙂


    Hello, Merv.

    Nice! So I can write in Portuguese. 🙂
    I know Governador Valadares, my family is from Juiz de Fora which is very close.

    Concerning the plugin, I did all this but did not work. I have experience with translation because I do a lot for the Portuguese, including plugins that are not ready for translation.

    I do not know much about php, but I also tried putting this function in my theme function file:

    ap_action_init function ()
    / / Localization
    load_plugin_textdomain (‘domain’, false, dirname (plugin_basename (__FILE__)));

    / / Add actions
    add_action (‘init’, ‘ap_action_init’);

    It did not work.
    Soon I will send the translation into Portuguese. Thank you very much.

    Merv Barrett

    Hi Paulo

    The 1.2 version has full support for translation now. With WordPress 4.0 you define the language in your wp-confing.php as per previous WordPress versions then from the Dashboard > Settings > General a new language selection appears at the bottom based on the wp-config.php file.

    We’ve been using Poedit for translation but will be moving to Transifex in teh coming weeks. (once I figure it out)

    Merv Barrett

    We are about to launch 2.0 did you manage to do the Portuguese Translation?


    Hello Merv (or Paulo)

    What happened with this Portuguese translation?

    Are there any news about it?

    Thanks a lot.

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