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    Hi. I am just starting to work with your plugin and saw in your read me.txt file:

    = Is there a sample import file I can use to setup a demo real estate web site? =

    Yes! Simply go to Tools > Import and install the WordPress Importer, then navigate to wp-content/plugins/easy-property-listing/assets/ and select the sample-products-import.xml file. This will create several sample products and plugin pages for you.

    I have looked through the folder that I downloaded and the assets folder is inside a lib folder and there is no xml file to be found.

    Please advise as to where I can find this and is there a post where you have detailed short codes? I am building a site for a commercial property management company who list their commercial properties, sorted by COUNTY. How can I group listings by COUNTY?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Merv Barrett

    Hi visionersink

    We’ve just released version 1.2 and squeezed in an additional hook just for your needs.

    RE County
    However can you provide me with a full address of a sample listing including the county so my instructions are clear for you and we can adjust the plugin where needed.

    EG: Here in Australia we usually use
    12 << property_address_street_number Minden Rise << property_address_street Sorrento << property_address_suburb <<< This can possibly be your county variable? Change it from Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings > Location Label
    WA << property_address_state 6020 << property_address_postal_code The new filter will allow you to replace the labels only as the plugin uses the above variables for the address. epl_listing_meta_address_block located in /lib/meta-boxes/meta-boxes.php LINE 788

    Sample File
    Totally forgot to include that in the core, but no problem. You'll find it attached. Use the default WordPress import to get them in. Make sure you enable the Property post type

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These forums are closed to new replies / tickets. Please open a support ticket from our new Support page.

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