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    Mark Kelly

    I’ve bought the add-ons but cant get the basic setup right I’m afraid. My listings aren’t displaying correctly at all.

    Here’s a basic listing but missing all features etc…

    I was hoping for some better setup documentation to be honest.Would you mind pointing me i the right direction please.



    PS: I’m running Optimize Press 2.0

    Merv Barrett

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your purchase. This is a minor template issue that we are working on a anternative solution for the future. in the Meantime this explains the process

    How to configure your WordPress theme for Easy Property Listings

    But can you supply me with the files from your theme archive.php, index.php and single.php

    Then I can post it here to help others using that theme. Make sure you zip them up first as you can’t attach .php files here for security reasons.

    Let me know how you go

    Mark Kelly

    Hi Merv,

    I can provide index.php but there is no archive.php within optimizepress 2.0 that I can find and three single.php files to choose from. Any chance you can jump in and have a look if I shoot you some login details?

    Thanks, Mark K

    Merv Barrett

    Hi Mark, Yes, please provide your WordPress admin and FTP details here, be sure to press the Set as private reply below.

    Mark Kelly
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    Merv Barrett

    Hi Mark

    I’ve done my best to integrate Easy Property Listings with your OptomizePress theme.

    They are possibly still working on integrating the theme to work with custom post types.

    But untill then what i’ve done is created 2 pages, one for each property type and then used the [listingsale] shortcode to display your property.

    Property For Sale

    Land For Sale

    I’ve removed the gallery from the listing you added as the plugin is set to automatically add any attached post images to it automatically.

    The issue is the single property view and getting the sidebar to appear. This is due to the issue above about the custom post types which are a major part of WordPress and should have some type of support.


    My recommendation is to use a better theme framework as you will be limited to what you can do with your site and OptomizePress theme is best for creating landing pages.

    Recommend using the iThemes builder theme for more flexibility and much better targeting of content.

    Merv Barrett

    Also fixed the Award Manager not registering correctly. This was an issue with the setup on this site

    Also the changes I made was made to /public_html/wp-content/themes/optimizePressTheme/themes/2/single.php

    Another problem with this theme is that when you update the theme you will need to replace that file. Again this is due to the limitations of OptomizePress which doesn’t use a child/parent theme setup.

    Its geared for sites and that are focused around landing pages.

    Having said that, we are also looking at how Easy Property Listings generates the listing and archive pages and are working on a solution to solve the templates and making sure it is more compatable with the tens of thousands of WordPress themes. We will keep you posted.

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