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    Greg Schaible

    Good Afternoon,

    Is there a way to change the background color of the ‘rental’ page, and individual property listings?

    Also, I would like to be able to change the ‘weekly’ rent to say ‘monthly’, and would also like to be able to add half-baths. It won’t allow me to add “1.5” into the bathroom field.


    Merv Barrett

    Hi Greg,

    Can you submit a link to your site as there shouldn’t be a background color. But the answer is yes by adding some basic CSS. Once you give me the link I can give you exact instructions on how to change the CSS for your theme.

    I had not thought about 1/2 bathrooms, will add this ability in the next update. As will add monthly to the rental options


    Hi Merv,

    I am not a developer so I hope you can help me out. =)

    Is it possible to change the headings on the /property and /rentals pages to Properties for Sale / Properties for Rent?

    Also, the descriptions on the individual listings look like this > with everything all in one paragraph. How can we make it so it looks like this > like in with spacing and everything, without going into each listing and editing them?

    Thanks, Merv. =)

    Merv Barrett

    Hi Karen

    How to change the Page titles from the default Property, Rent, Land etc
    Changing the heading will require a bit of minor coding, don’t worry its pretty easy, but it will help if you can provide your URL and theme name. Do that and i’ll be able to give you better instructions.

    How to Format the Descriptions correctly with WP All Import
    Ah, I think the WP import scripts are set incorrectly, easy to fix the text formatting

    1. Manage your import and press Edit Template
    2. Under the content box where {description[1]} is is a tickbox.
    3. Keep line breaks from XML << Enable that.

    Next you will have to update your import using Edit Options. Scroll down to the Record Matching section.

    Tick: Update existing posts with changed data in your file.
    Tick: Choose which data to update.
    Untick All except for Content.
    * This just speeds up the import process as it will only update what is ticked.

    Save and Re-Run Import, see if the text is formatted correctly.

These forums are closed to new replies / tickets. Please open a support ticket from our new Support page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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