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    Please forgive if these are basic questions, I am not a pro! I Just purchased the 45 day support.

    I uploaded the files for avada as you suggested, and also copied the files into my Avada child theme as I saw in your post about customising themes. Perhaps I am putting them in the wrong place, but I don’t see where I can edit the property page format via the Fusion Builder to capture the various elements and redesign (we are inserting a tab dor Terms (freehold/leasehold, Years remaining etc) and also working with Virtual Walkthrough to have their “streetview” of the house at the top of the page. I also don’t see where to change the Icons (Bed, Bath, Parking etc) I am looking to do all this editing through the fusion builder…perhaps I cant?

    Second, the plugin seems to interefere with my existing pages sliders,…the pictures still show up, but the active text has disappeared. (using Fusion Slider)

    Thank you in advance

    Merv Barrett

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Unfortunately you cannot use Fusion Builder to create your page layouts as the fusion builder doesn’t pull in code to create a page layout its more for editing a single page loaded with shortcodes and you would not want to have to edit every single listing that you add to the site manually in fusion builder.

    We created the listing templates extension which provides additional layouts to select from. If you create a mock-up we may already have a layout close enough to what you want to design or add another one to the selection as we always want to improve the plugin and extensions.

    Alternative as we do with custom projects is create our own layouts although you will need HTML and CSS experience to do this.

    In 2.2 we have allowed users to create additional layouts and load them from shortcodes.

    With the advanced Map extension it offers a street view tab and it works with the soon to be released slider extension.

    Fusion Slider

    Again with Fusion slider is is designed to generate a user created slider instead of automatically generating one based on the images. We have been hard at work on a Slider for Easy Property Listings and are working out a few kinks before official release.

    But can you supply a URL as the plugin should not interfere with existing sliders or code so that is something we can take a look at for you.

These forums are closed to new replies / tickets. Please open a support ticket from our new Support page.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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