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    Hey there,

    Awesome job with the plugin, this is something I’ve been looking for for quite some time. I managed to get the archives page for my theme to work, however the single listing doesn’t appear to format correctly. I’ve changed the line of code for single-listing.php and made sure it looks right. I think I can survive without it being fixed, but it would look best if I could figure it out. Any and all help is appreciated!

    Also, just a quick question, is it possible to add in the listing office information under/along with the listing agent bio? In Ontario, Canada we’re required by law to include specific information when marketing anything, which includes agent name and title, and listing office’s full company name.


    Merv Barrett

    Glad you like the plugin, if you get a chance leave a review on

    Now what is the issue with your single file? The best idea is duplicate use your theme’s single.php file and rename it to single-listing.php

    All you need to do now is insert the template function is that file and remove other bits of code in the template. Here is the guide. Every file is different, which theme are you using?

    I had not realised the need that the office is on the listing, however if it is on the agent website surely the company name and URL is sufficient?

    What you can do is use a function to add the office name to the listing. This does depend on certain things.

    First is the office name the site name? Or are you listing several different offices on one website?

    I can provide a better answer if you let me know that.


    Hey sorry for the late reply! Thanks for getting back to me. I had to go and edit the files again as GeneratePress updated and deleted the -listing.php files.

    I’ve edited both single and archive to include the code from the link provided, however they still don’t appear in containers like other items on the website.

    I had attempted to change some of the labels through the files included, as our listing terminology differs from those in Australia, however it ended up crashing the site 🙂 Is there an easy way to edit the labels for listings?

    Back to the original point and your question, our government regulates the real estate industry and requires specific wording and attribution for listing information. Listing data is owned by the real estate brokerage, and not the listing agent. Anytime I post a listing or advertisement it must have:

    Nile Livesey
    Sales Representative
    L. Bodner Real Estate Inc., Brokerage

    Which is a huge pain in the butt as you can imagine. It probably isn’t the end of the world if I’m unable to add it to the bottom of the listing where the agent info is, as the company branding and name is posted throughout my site.

    Hopefully my explanations have been some help in order to help you help me. My site is if that might help, and listings at


    Merv Barrett

    Hi Nile my fellow Canadian 🙂

    I grew up in Scarborough and then Brantford Ontario and have family all over Ontario and Canada.

    Great site, well done getting involved oin WordPress and your online destiny. Please follow my blog for real estate internet marketing advice and tips.


    Okay here is how to inject your requirement into your listings. HOWEVER first you must use a child theme with WordPress and that doesn’t matter which theme system you use ALWAYS use a child theme.

    It is a pain in your bum to do this but trust me DO IT.

    What a child theme allows you to do is add your custom code to it and configurations. Then when you update the main theme you won’t lose your customisations and they will still work. Little work now to re-configure your widgets then you can happily update every time a new theme version comes out and you know you won’t lose your changes.


    How to add custom text after the_content() using a filer.

    add this to your child theme functions.php file

    function my_epl_add_test_to_content() { ?>
    	<div class="listing-required-text">
    		<p><strong>Nile Livesey</strong></p>
    		<p>Sales Representative</p>
    		<p>L. Bodner Real Estate Inc., Brokerage</p>
    // Adds this text block after the text area in a listing
    add_action( 'epl_property_content_after' , 'my_epl_add_test_to_content' ); 

    Also press Edit My Profile top right in the WordPress admin bar when logged in and you can add “Sales Representative” to the Position which will appear in your author box.

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