The Art & Science of Real Estate Website SEO Optimisation from Yoast

The team at Yoast are the creators of the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress websites which is a must install if you are serious about SEO on your WordPress website.

You will learn a bunch from reading the Yoast SEO blog jam packed with top tips and strategies that ensures your site ranks highly on Google and other search engines.

Make sure you read the post by the team at Yoast SEO on How to optimise your real estate site and why you should keep your leased and sold listings online… forever.

If you have been in real estate for a few years and have lots of sales or managed properties. Those hundreds of hours that you have spent writing property descriptions over the years will be indexed by search engines and will improve your website rankings.

How to maximise your local SEO one Location Profile at a time

Make sure you install the Location Profiles extension that has been built for local SEO optimisation and integrates with the Yoast SEO plugin for maximum effect.

Location Profiles are what will show your visitors that you know your stuff about the area they live or want to buy in.

How many times have you lost a listing to the “area expert”? Create a cool location profile packed with informative info, and you will automatically become the “area expert” and your competitors will be losing listings to you.

Each location profile you create will automatically be added to your listings in that location creating a very sticky site packed with information that your visitors will love.

NOTE: Make sure you create interesting profiles and add photos.

Boring and bland does not cut it, and please do not copy and paste from Wikipedia… Do it yourself or hire a professional writer on Fiverr, Upwork, or Airtasker use Wikipedia for research and update your profiles as changes happen in your prospecting patch.

Invest regularly into your Location Profiles, start with one and grow them. Your location profiles will separate you from your competitors, make you the area expert and they will become a powerful lead generation tool that drives your business to new heights.

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