We Need Your Help to Test Easy Property Listings 3.0 RC 1 – Its Ready!

Easy Property Listings 3.0 is full of enhancements that you’ll appreciate every day. You will be able to track and manage Contacts with ease. New Reports features make you even more productive and you can instantly see how your real estate listings and sales are going over any period of time. Listings are easier to manage with easily adjustable map location for those listings that need a map tweak. And improvements at the foundation of the plugin enhance website performance, page loads, which make adding listings a cinch. The more you do with 3.0, the more you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Version 3.0 of Easy Property Listings has been in development for over 6 months and is finally approaching its final release date. Today we are happy to announce that we have performed extensive testing since releasing Beta 1.

Release Candidate 1 (RC-1) is ready for testing and we need your help as users for that.

This major release has been focused on new features along with refining the plugin listings management screens and internal help plus a lot more.

This release provides the framework that will allow us to realise our vision for Real Estate website development with WordPress.

Testing from Beta 1 to RC-1

So far we have tested everything from WordPress 3.3 to the soon to be released 4.5. We have made the decision that the minimum recommend version is WordPress 3.8 which came out at the end of 2013.

Beta 1, and 2 and added support for the older PHP version 5.3 issues that were discovered by users have been fixed.

Beta’s 3 and 4 added some last minute enhancements to the new Contact Form Widget and shortcode and we managed to add some last minute filters.

Beta 5 was focused on translation support for the new WordPress.org plugin and theme translation initiative that will allow the WordPress community to contribute to translating Easy Property Listings into many more languages for use around the world.

Download Release Candidate 1, test and give us feedback

We are looking for any issues you have with this version, please let us know if you experience any with your site. Either post an issue on GitHub or Open a support ticket. We are confident that this version is ready for use on production sites. Provide details about your WordPress version, active theme and error log with your ticket.

Download RC1

The Real Estate tools I wish were around when my day to day job was listing and selling homes

These are the tools that I wished I had when I was listing and selling property on a daily basis here in Perth WA for over 11 years. You can now have a nifty easy to use CRM (Contact Management System) to create lead generation opportunities and excellent Reports that you can use to monitor your success in Real Estate.

Already have a full featured CRM? The new contacts system is very cool as you won’t have to double enter contacts. In fact, your visitors will do if for you and their details can be sent directly into your other CRM or email marketing system directly from your site!

Huge time saver that will help you manage your online leads easier than ever.

I don’t personally sell property anymore, but we work with thousands of agents and WordPress developers all over the world and the feedback, feature requests and support we receive is mind blowing and keeps us on the cutting edge of real estate website development. We are here to help you succeed online with Easy Property Listings.

Primary Plugin Goals

Our targets and goals have remained unchanged as we strive to create a listing platform that is easy to get started with and use yet provides extensibility so those who’s developers love to tweak and personalise any aspect of the plugin can do so without having to edit the plugin which is a critical need in the WordPress plugin world. “what exactly is extensible code?”. The answer is quite simple:

Extensible, or modular code, is code that can be modified, interacted with, added to, or manipulated . . . all without ever modifying the core code base.

Two years of full time development has gone into our advanced plugins so when you activate Easy Property Listings on your website, the value you get is incredible… easily exceeding six figures in development costs and over 140,000 development hours.

It has been built to scale from a single agent site with a few hundred listings up to an advanced listing portal supporting hundreds of thousands of listings.

WordPress Developers can build amazing websites with Easy Property Listings

The major cornerstone features; Contact CRM and Reporting along with hundreds of new filters, hooks and functions allows you to create amazing WordPress websites for your customers.

Most importantly, when you help them increase their real estate leads, make more sales and secure more property managements they will love you for it and our hope is they keep investing in your WordPress development success.

We’ll make the tools for you to continually offer upgrades that will help them. Win win!

The plugin has grown a huge amount since the official release

What started out as an idea and then our first release which was created by me with my very average PHP coding experience allowed me to grow and thankfully found a young, dedicated developer to help evolve the plugins to what they are today. We love what we do!

Here are some crazy facts about the development of Easy Property Listings and a summary of the growth of the 32 versions:

  • Easy Property Listings v1.1 Officially released in June 2014 with 12,447 lines of code.
  • v2.0 released in January 2015 and grew to 16,184 lines.
  • v2.3 grew to 22,264 lines of code and released in October 2015.
  • v3.0 has grown to a staggering 30,410 clean, optimised and feature rich lines of PHP code.
  • FYI: PHP is the coding language with WordPress websites.

We will be adding extensive documentation of 3.0 to the codex on how to get the most out of the plugins with more video tutorials and posts to the blog, so make sure you subscribe to keep informed.

We have a “yet to tidy up” library of code snippets that adjusts the default behaviour of Easy Property Listings which saves you a heap of time and you can re-use again and again on your other websites. Just copy and paste into a custom plugin like the epl-filters.zip one you can download here.

A lot of time has gone into 3.0 to add function documentation and we released a special docs site with documented functions, and what they do. And as always, Easy Property Listings is hosted on GitHub so you can browse the code in 3.0 RC-1 which has 292, commits, 193 changed files and 10,261 additions…

3.0 is bigger, better and faster than ever!

What’s next…

Shortly following the official release of Easy Property Listings 3.0 on the WordPress.org plugin directory we will be releasing a number of new extensions and upgrading existing extensions to take advantage of the new features.

All new extensions created by the Easy Property Listings team will be included in the Developer Bundle for the next 30 days so for the next 13 months you will get access to every new extension we create at an unbelievable price, but don’t wait till its too late…

We will be making adjustments to pricing and the contents of the bundles in the future, so now is the best time for you to Future proof your WordPress website before we make these necessary adjustments.

Help us help you succeed online, purchase the developer bundle today.

We have invested a considerable amount of time and financial resources into the development of Easy Property Listings and are really excited to be ready to press the go button on v3.0.

You’ll get even more enhancements to your site when you purchase the developer bundle or extensions on the store al-la-cart. We put everything back into the WordPress plugins and with the release of 3.0 each existing extension is getting enhanced as well as the 20+ new extensions you can use.

Your purchase of plugins, priority support and advanced development hours lets us focus on creating new tools for you, so you can focus on listing, property management, selling and WordPress developers can focus on designing beautiful WordPress real estate websites for your customers.

We want you to build awesome real estate websites for yourself or your WordPress customers. Don’t forget to submit your site to the Showcase along with your details. It’s getting an upgrade soon and will showcase your WordPress development business details too.

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