Easy Property Listings Version 1.3 in final testing and here is what’s new and tweaked to make WordPress real estate websites even easier

We’ve been hard at work on Easy Property Listings version 1.3 to bring you an even better and more robust real estate application to create real estate websites using WordPress.

Version 1.3 has been updated with the following new features and tweaks.

New Stuff:

  • New: Extension validator.
  • New: Moved listing-meta.php into compatibility folder.
  • New: Global $property variable.
  • New: Property custom meta re-written into class. This was the big change to 1.3 where we completely re-wrote the output of the meta values which are now accessible using global $property variable.
  • New: Property meta can now can be output using new actions for easy and quick custom template creation.
  • New: API for extensions now support WordPress editor with validation.
  • New: jQuery date time picker formatting added to improve support for auction and sold listing, support for 30+ languages support.
  • New: Inspection time auto-formats REAXML date eg “13-Dec-2014 11:00am to 11:45am” and will no longer show past inspection times.
  • New: Inspection time support multiple dates written one per line.
  • New: CSS improved with better commenting and size reduction.
  • New: Dashboard widget now lists all listing status so at a glance you can see your property stock.
  • New: Display: To enable grid, list and sorter your custom archive-listing.php template requires the new action hook “epl_template_before_property_loop” before the WordPress loop.
  • New: Display: Utility hook action hook added “epl_template_after_property_loop” for future updates.
  • New: Display: List and grid view with optional masonry effect.
  • New: Display: Sorter added for price high/low and date newest/oldest.
  • New: Auction Date formats nicely. EG “Auction Saturday 28th December at 2:00pm”.
  • New: Tabbed extensions page support in admin for advanced extensions like “Listing Alerts”.
  • New: Multiple author support in Author Box.
  • New: Search Widget now supports multiple listing types, hold Ctrl to enable tabbed front end display.
  • New: Search Widget Labels are configurable from the Display settings allowing you to set for example: “Property” to “Buy” and “Rental” to “Rent” and use a single widget to search multiple types.
  • New: Search widget and short code supports search by property ID, Land Area and Building Area.
  • New: Author variables accessible using new CLASS.
  • New: Search short code supports array of property types.
  • New: REAXML Unit and lot formatting function for usage in the title when using WP All Import Pro. Usage [epl_feedsync_filter_sub_number({address[1]/subNumber[1]})].
  • New: Global $epl_settings settings variable adds new default values on plugin update.
  • New: Display: Added customisable label for rental Bond/Deposit.
  • New: Template functions completely re-written and can now be output using hooks.
  • New: Added NEW sticker with customisable label and ability to set how long a listing displays the new label.
  • New: Display: jQuery Masonry effect can be enabled from display settings.
  • New: Bar Graph API added.
  • New: Graph in admin allows you to set the max bar graph value. Default are (2,000,000 sale) and (2,000 rental).
  • New: Graph visually displays price and status.
  • New: Price graph now appears in admin pages quickly highlighting price and status visually.
  • New: Meta Fields: Support for unit number, lot number (land).
  • New: South African ZAR currency support.


  • Tweak: More YouTube URL formats supported.
  • Tweak: Global $epl_author.
  • Tweak: Renamed user profile options section to “Easy Property Listings: Author Box Profile”.
  • Tweak: Added better Bond/Deposit for rentals.
  • Tweak: author-meta.php depreciated and moved to compatibility directory. Variables globally available using $epl_author variable.
  • Tweak: listing-meta.php depreciated and moved to compatibility directory. Variables globally available with $property variable.
  • Tweak: Added “Listing not Found” to default templates when search performed with no results.
  • Tweak: Improved Google maps address output for addresses containing # and /.


  • Fix: Listing Pages now have better responsive support for small screen devices like iPhone.
  • Fix: Default templates for Genesis and Twenty Twelve now show “Listing Not Found” when a search result returns empty.
  • Fix: Purged translations in epl.pot file.
  • Fix: Search Widget and short code drastically reduces database queries.

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