Easy Property Listings 2.0 new features which required a complete re-write of core code

Its taken us a bit longer than expected to release this latest version of Easy Property Listings as we had to re-write several files that handled the hundreds of meta variables… a major clean up has taken place which will allow for faster incremental updates.

In the previous release, custom meta values were loaded just before the template file and stored in hundreds of variables. The old listing-meta.php file has been moved to a compatibility folder so you should not have any issues updating your sites to 2.0

Full list of changes can be found here.

Listing details and graph make it easy to keep track of your listings

Easy to keep track of real estate property listings

Get quick access to important details like what the property has and the scheduled inspection times.

Multiple Inspection Times

Inspection time supports multiple times and dates.

Graph API

Visual graph indicates listing prices so you can see what price your listings are. Handy when on the phone with a buyer and you have a lot of property to look through. Customise the max price to suit your price range from the Easy Property Listings > Settings page.

Auction Listings

Keep track of your coming Auction dates from the Price column.


Upgraded Search Widget

Search Widget in Easy Property Listngs free plugin for WordPressLots of user requests have been addressed with the Search Widget and short code. Performance has been significantly improved by reducing the number of database queries.

Tabbed Search

The widget now lets you add multiple tabs to one widget, just hold Ctrl and select more than one. It is also smart enough to hide unused fields like bedrooms on land and automatically adjusts the rental price.

Customise Labels

You can easily change the default search labels from the display setting page. For example you can change Property to Buy, and the Find me a Property button can also be easily customised.

New Search Fields

  • Search by Address and Property ID
  • Land size
  • Building Area

Additional CSS Classes

Both the search widget and shortcode have more CSS classes for easier customising.


Front End Display Changes

Grid sort and list viewList & Grid view toggle

Your visitors can now toggle between list & grid view.

If you are updating from a previous version of Easy Property Listings and have created a custom template, you will need to add the new hook to your archive-listing template.


On the listing archive pages, your users can now sort by price and date.

New Label

Set how many days you want your newly added listings to appear new for. Adjust the number of days from the settings.


Other Changes

Customise everything

All you have to do is create a folder inside your current theme called /easypropertylistings/ and any templates you want to customise can be placed inside and the plugin will use them.

Want a custom widget? How about a different listing page? or a custom author box? No problem change everything you want much easier.

Dashboard Widget

From the Dashboard you can now track all your listings and status and it will only displays the listing types you have activated.

Shows you how many listings are current, auction, under offer, sold and leased.

Listing Widget

Customise your “featured” listings using a widget. Everything is now customisable even the button label.

Additional Meta Fields

Several new meta fields have been added: Unit number, lot number, office ID to name a few.

Author Box

Now supports multiple agents correctly in line with the author widget.

Auction Date

Nifty calendar to select auction date and time. The date is processed and output in a nice format. EG: Auction Saturday 12th January at 2pm.

New filters, actions and hooks

You will find it much easier to create custom templates for your real estate websites using the easy to use actions. Inspect the default template included and you will see a dramatically easier file to customise.

New Extensions

Visit the add-ons to check out new extensions and keep an eye on the blog, subscribe and get notified.

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