Growth has challenges, never give up!

The past few weeks have been difficult here at Easy Property Listings as we adapt to growth. We are really sorry for the slower response to resolve your support ticket. I am really sorry that we have not been able to give you the best support we can to get the most out of the plugins.

Support has always been a number one priority along with plugin updates and releasing new cool features. Since our recent holiday in October heading around the corner to Bali from Perth… we are still catching up…

Don’t worry a plan is in place and solutions are being implemented due to a new initiative at Westpac and Prospa are are lucky to be part of it. We don’t need long to get back on track, lend a hand if you can. We are hiring, let us know here.

Another way to support us fuel the development is to download the plugin, ask for support, shop for extensions and purchase priority support and installation services.

Thank you for for your patience, understanding and being part of Easy Property Listings.


  1. Back on track! We have added two highly experienced people to the team here at Easy Property Listings. The future is looking great and we have a big plan to execute and with more staff can get there faster. Thanks for being part of our journey.

  2. We are very sorry if the response to your support ticket is taking so long. We’re still receiving a large number of tickets and we are doing our best to answer your inquiries.

    Starting on Monday, we will have a full-time staff member dedicated to support tickets.

    A quicker response time for you is our biggest goal.

    Please don’t forget to check our documentation as we are adding new topics and how to tutorials.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and being part of Easy Property Listings.

  3. As of Monday the 7th December we are now a 5 person team dedicated to Easy Property Listings and providing the best support we can… sorry again if we have not resolved your support ticket yet. Last week we the team were not quite ready to start.

    Now we are ready!

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