Easy Property Listings is moving to a bigger, faster, SSD server on 6th August 2015 at 8pm AWST

We are upgrading our hosting to a Faster, better, super awesome server hosting powered by NetOrigin. This will take place from 6th August 2015 at 8pm AWST. (Australian Western Standard Time)

Just before the migration begins we will disable the support forums and comments until the migration is complete.

We have been using NetOrigin hosting for several years now and they provide an outstanding service and fantastic support for website hosting.

Easy Property Listings will now be on their Magento Accelerate plan which is excellent for WordPress websites especially in Australia. The speed improvement that their SSD drives provide are excellent and we are looking forward to the improvement.

NetOrigin hosting have a number of different plans to suit all your website hosting needs.

Note: Migration complete


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