Easy Property Listings 3.0: Contacts and Reports Coming Soon To You

We are so excited to finally share our plans with you and what we have been working on for the past few months and what you are going to get and be able to do with Easy Property Listings 3.0 on your WordPress website.

It’s a release we are very proud of in terms of functionality and of what it can do for your real estate listing website. With the new release comes two new significant components to Easy Property Listings 3.0 which are, Reports and Contacts.

On top of these awesome new features are further enhancements to code performance, hundreds of additional filters, improved existing features, the introduction of new API’s to the code base.

This release will be available for download very soon so you can take advantage of what is new for your website or the WordPress website you are building for your customers.


Reports allow to to quickly create a snapshot KPI report of how your listing business is going over any point of time. You can visually see your listing, sales and rental performance and quickly spot trends where you can make improvements to boost your business. A critical key to long term success.

Easy Property Listings 3.0 Reports - Rental Results


With Contacts we you to be able to either use the Contact system to its full capabilities as a CRM to manage your leads and contacts or connect it with your existing Contact Management System and email marketing systems. We’ve built it to be intuitive, easy to use and its awesome.

You will be able to keep track of listing enquiries, link owners and tenants to listings and better integrate your lead generation in your website.

You’ll be able to track your buyers and tenants easily and build a timeline of events to keep you focused on contacting the most important leads in your system. Contacts will help you grow your website, generate more leads and more sales.

Contacts in Easy Property Listings 3.0


The new Contacts system in Easy Property Listings 3.0 allows the creation of third party integration extensions allowing you to plug your website into the other software that you use for email marketing, full CRM and many other possibilities.


We are enhancing the existing extensions to take advantage of the Contacts system and they will be released once 3.0 is out.

During the development of EPL 3.0 we have also been working on many free and premium extensions for you to use on your site to further enhance your website. Many are additional listing types which will allow you to use Easy Property Listings for more than just real estate websites, or allow your real estate website to offer more than just property.

We’ve also created a bunch more to further enhance what you can do with your site and we are really excited to release them to you. They will be included in the Developer Bundle and released individually so you can pick and chose what you need.

Grab the Developer Bundle now to help us help you with your real estate listing website.

Let us know what you think!

We’ve done our best to get this release finished and into your hands as quickly as possible and can’t wait to push the official version out to you. Please let us know what you think in the comments, we’d love to hear your feedback!



  1. Hi Merv,

    Looks awesome, and looking forward to having a play with all this new stuff!

    Are we talking weeks or maybe months till 3.0 is released?

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