Printable Stock Lists and Brochures Extension Updated

With the Brochures extension for Easy Property Listings you can create printable brochures and stock lists for your listings. There are several options to control the brochure styles and templates. Or create your own!

This extension also integrates with the Staff Directory extension allowing you to add custom staff images instead of using a Gravatar image.

Brochures Demo

Brochure Extension Settings

Brochure Extension Examples

Stock List Demo PDF*
Brochures Stock List Saved as PDF
* PDF was saved using Google Chrome browser, this extension does not output a PDF file.

Change Log

  • * Fix: License key not saving. Manual upgrade of this extension is required as we have corrected the error which prevented the license key from saving.
  • New: Adjusted CSS for better display on some themes.
  • New: Shortcode [epl_brochure] to output a single brochure by post id or property unique id.
  • New: Shortcode [epl_brochures_list] to output a stock sheet/list of listings and select a default template from the extension settings.
  • New: Ability to load your theme stylesheet on the brochures.
  • New: Ability to load custom CSS from themes/your_theme/easypropertylistings/css/
  • Tweak: Adjusted brochure buttons and brochures to noindex no follow to prevent duplicate content.
  • Fix: Corrected image output on default brochure style. * Fix: Removed testimonials from outputting on brochure.
  • Fix: Corrected staff directory extension author. * New: Added custom template loader to load template from theme.

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