New Printable Brochure Extension

Most WordPress themes are lacking in printing functionality and the new Brochures extension changes that. We have just released a new extension for creating printable brochures for your listings. This initial release has two brochure variations with a customisable header and other options for you to tweak.

Once installed and activated a Brochure button will appear on all your listings automatically and is compatible with all the listing types.

We have more plans for this extension but its ready for purchase from the store today.


  1. Hello,

    I’m hoping to get some clarification on how to obtain the updated Brochures extension. We purchased the EPL Brochures extension 1.0.1 on July 30, 2015. Our EPL plugin is 2.3 version. Our WordPress version is 4.3.1. Our EPL plugin license key was accepted/saved by WordPress, however; our Brochures extension license key was not accepted/saved.
    As stated above the new Brochures extension tackles those errors. How does one access the new Brochures extension? Will we need to re-purchase Brochures extension in order to get functioning Brochures license key?

    Thank you for your help in advance!


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