FeedSync 2.0 Overview of Whats New

The REAXML format is widely used in Australia and New Zealand and has become a standard listing format. We’ve been hard at work at creating the next version of FeedSync to process REAXML files for your real estate website better than ever and ready for you.

Most real estate agents use a CRM that has the ability to supply REAXML files to your own website. FeedSync has been created to merge these thousands of files so they can be imported into your website.

The previous version of FeedSync had limitations but it worked and I called it a “dumb” program as it did its job but it didn’t have any “smarts”.

Well its not “dumb” anymore as we are now using a MySQL database to store the listing entries which allow us to add some smarts for faster processing plus we can now add new values which the REAXML format lacks such as the first listed date and better handling of latitude and longitude results.

Watch the video for an overview of the new features found in FeedSync 2.0

The new version of FeedSync is also easier to get working on a wider range of website servers by using a MySQL database which can also instantly output listings from a simple URL that you can use in your importer like WP All Import Pro.

When using Easy Property Listings we added a customisable label to show new listings and now when importing listings you can keep your listings in a better date order.

The REAXML format does not provide a listing date… but with the improved smarts in FeedSync we been able to automatically save the date the first time a new listing is imported. Once that date is added it is not updated with subsequent listing entries.

Many other improvements have been added which you can see in the video.

We have added the full installation tutorial video for you to watch here.

FeedSync 2.0 Installation instructions.

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