Advanced Mapping

Create a beautiful map showcasing all your listings or just some of them with a powerful shortpre.

Display over 300 listings on a single map… SOLD!

Advanced Map Examples

Advanced Map - Card View

Advanced Map – Card View


Change the display style to display 100 listings or more at once. Each listing will require coordinates for faster loading.

[advanced_map display="simple" limit="100"]

Only show rentals using the slider option and disabled cluster.

[advanced_map post_type="rental" display="slider" cluster="false"]`
Output Options

There are several options that may be specified using this syntax:

[advanced_map option1="value1" option2="value2"]

You can also print a map directly in a template like so:


The following map options are supported:


Specify the post type to generate map coordinates. The default is all listing types: Options:

  • property
  • rental
  • land
  • rural
  • business
  • commercial
  • commercial_land
[advanced_map post_type="property,rental"

Generate a map with a specific post type or multiple types

For Example:
[advanced_map post_type=”property, rental”]
limit number 30 Test limits for your server load. If you want 100-200 use the simple to excess page size.
Images are loaded via Ajax on click.
coords lat,long autocenter -31.9522,115.8589
display string card card
popup Modify the map display styles
property_status string ALL sold
leased Filter the map to only show property of a specific status
zoom number Google map zoom level. Higher number is more zoomed to the ground
height number 450 Height of the map area. The slider listings will appear below this hight
cluster true/false true true/false Enable or disable the cluster feature



'post_type' => array(), //Post Type
'limit' => '30', // Number of maximum posts to show
'coords' => '', //First property in center by default
'display' => 'card', //card, slider, simple or popup
'zoom' => '17', //for set map zoom level
'height' => '', //for set map height level, pass integer value
'cluster' => 'true', //Icon grouping on Map
'property_status' => ''
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